DIY Friday! Christmas Tree Skirt!

Happy DIY Friday!! It is a new weekly feature on our blog! Every week we will be posting DIY projects for your wedding, home, entertaining, and this time of year holiday goodness!

Christmas is my favorite time of year! This year I wanted to make skirt for my fat little tree that I have in my house!

I made the skirt using a pattern from Joann"s Fabric (simplicity 4784). It is a paneled pattern for a 60" round skirt. You can always shorten or lengthen the bottom, just adjust the amount of fabric. I wanted it to be reversible, so I chose a fun pattern for the bottom.

Supply List:

Fabric A (blue snowflake)- 1 5/8 yards (45"wide)

Fabric B (solid blue)- 1 5/8 yards (45" wide)

Fabric for Bottom (green stripes)- 3 1/8 yards.

Scissors, Pins, Matching thread, Sewing Machine, Iron

*How great is this sewing machine? It belonged to my amazing Grandma Woods and it get the job done!

Cut the pattern out (or trace on tracing paper) and pin it to the fabric. Cut 4 panels of Fabric A and 4 of Fabric B. You can use one fabric for the top, just cut 8.

For the bottom you are going to need to cut 2 on the Peu importe si vous etes un nouveau joueur ou un veteran au blackjack , vous pouvez jouer dans les casinos de terrain ou en ligne a partir de chez vous. fold.

Pin one Fabric A panel to one Fabric B panel on one side (right sides). Then sew them together on one edge.

It should like this when you open it up. Pretty!

Keep going until you have all 8 panels together. Don"t sew the last two together or you won"t be able to get it around the tree.

Next pin the right sides together of the bottom and sew along ONE side of the flat edge.

Iron the seams and pin the top to the bottom (right sides together). Sew around the entire skirt on the wrong side, except one flat panel. You want to keep one opening so you can turn it right side out.

Remember- leave one flat side side open! Or you"ll end up ripping out seams like me.

When all else fails...

Turn it right side out and sew the last seam shut.

Put it under the tree!

I hope Santa is good to you this year!!