DIY Friday- Mercury Glass!

Happy DIY Friday! We  love Mercury glass and thought it would be fun to make our own!  These would make great centerpieces and you can apply this technique to any shape or size glassware! This turned out to be super quick and simple!

All you need is:

-Selected glass ware

-A spray bottle with half white vinegar and half warm water

- Sterling Silver Spray Enamel (we got ours at AC Moore)

-Gold Metallic Spray

Wipe out your container and get rid of any dust or debris. Spray down the inside of the vase with the vinegar water mixture and swirl around.

While it is still wet, spray the inside with a thin coat of the silver spray.

Immediately turn the vase upside down and let slot machines it dry, we used a few layers of paper to catch any excess.

We let it dry for a few hours and decided to add a thin layer of the gold metallic for depth of color, but since that was much thinner we left it right side up.

We repeated this on an identical vase and a larger one.  After allowing it to dry it was ready to use!

Happy Friday!



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