DIY Friday! Tape flower arrangment

Happy DIY Friday! Spring is in the air and with that comes some beautiful flowers!  We love picking fresh flowers to arrange around our home! It"s easy to make them look great! There is just something about fresh flowers in your home to make your feel special! We made a simple arrangement using tape.

All you need is:

-A vase with smooth edges

-Flowers and water!


-tape (we used white floral tape but you could use any color or scotch tape)

Start taping a grid in the size you want.

We used a 3X6 grid but it all depends on the size of your vase and flowers.

Fill the vase with water.

Next, start cutting your flowers to the desired length.

And start As you may have learned several answers above, your computer sees the area occupied by a deleted file as free space, allowing other data recovery services to be written there. arranging!

Keep going until it looks the way you want it and you are ready to enjoy!

Happy DIY Friday!



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